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Welcome to UK Door Security Services LTD

We are a leading provider contract and subcontract highly professional security services that are well equipped and highly advance to deal with the modern security era at a very affordable rate. We are a small security company by choice to better service our clients. Despite our size, we have a management, support and security staff structure that would rival a company with triple (or more) the number of security officers.


What We Can Do For You

We operate in a wide range security services in which we have brought our clients increased protection and first class security services that have left them highly satisfied and in complete confidence in our security services.

Before accepting and entering a contract, we will form a full security report of an assignment; we give security advices where necessary. Initially we send our risk assessment officer to produce a security report, we checks the lapses in security details and equipment.We want our clients to be fully covered; we want all security apparatus to be in its proper place to prevent any eventualities, and this we do free of charge for clients.

We operate in various premises, delivering a professional security services for our clientele

Retail Shop

Retail security guards and store detectives to help patrol and monitor security 

Corporate Offices

Site security, manned security, security services, manned guards,


Hospital & Hotels

Most qualified, vetted and SIA licensed, professional, uniformed security guards

Club & Restaurant

Retail security service at a very wide range Market Research

Social Events

Manned security service at conference, sports events, weddings & Shows

Close Protection

Qualified personal drivers & manned services for close protection


Services that are tailored exactly to your needs

We offer our clients a very diverse range of security systems and services in accordance with the British Standards that attends to all our different clients’ requirements.We believe that the quality of our services is largely dependant on the everyday actions and responsibilities of all those in the employment sector at UK Door Ltd from the Director, Managers, Supervisor, Operational team right down to the guards every staff member has a duty and responsibility to deliver an agreed quality services.This we will achieve through group and personal training, pre-functioned instructions, sight assessment, employee assessment, regular checks of staff appearance, attitude and work ethic.


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Retail security service 

24/7 Corporate Office security 

24/7 Hospital Security services

24/7 Hotel Security services

Manned / Stewards

Club, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants Door Supervisors

Personal Close Protection Drivers & manned services

Conference, privates parties, weddings & Shows

Complete security solution

Why Choose Us

At UK Door Security Services Ltd, we believe strongly in a first class quality service for our clientele and recognise that this is anchored on qualified and competent staff, in this it is the company policy to employ persons whose identity and background is unblemished.

Our vetting policies provide one of the standards, by this we:

  • Demand reference covering a 10 years history
  • We contact personal reference
  • Check with government departments where needed
  • Conform to British Standards act
  • CBR check re-spent and unspent convictions

UK Door Ltd pride itself in its’ strict policy on staff vetting, it is the company’s intention to provide piece of mind that individuals of the highest integrity are looking after the clients interest in a professional manner.

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